Lurefans is one of the founding brands of sport fishing in Asia.

Founded in 2007 by a designer with a passion for fishing, the brand quickly became a success in Asia and entered the United States in 2013 with its innovative quality design at a very affordable price.

Lurefans products are designed following 3 guidelines:

1. No copying, all designs must have a real added value and come from the research done by the brand.

2. Simple and effective, the products must be as relevant in the hand of a beginner as in the hand of an expert.

3. To be as versatile as possible, because the pleasure in fishing remains to catch fish whatever the species or the place. After 15 years of intense work, carried by these values, Lurefans lures are recognized by fishermen around the world. The brand is already very popular in Australia, Holland, Germany, England etc. and strives every day to offer enthusiasts the best product at the best price.